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This category lists all German aftershaves currently available, plus a section for Austrian products.


This thread is created from the original German Aftershave Compendium on B&B:

[top]The List

Here's a list of the current German Aftershaves that are currently available and do not yet have their own articles. A review of the product is linked where available.
  • Gold-Dachs - Pflegetonic (it looks like it's a splash, though there is no alcohol in it)
  • Hâttric Classic - (Review)
  • Klar Rasierwasser Klassik (Lotion/splash)
  • Mühle Pinsel
    • Aftershave Lotion Aloe Vera (balm)
    • Aftershave Lotion Sanddorn (balm)
    • Aftershave Lotion Sandelholz (balm)

  • Nivea
    • After Shave Balm, Replenishing, Normal to Dry skin
    • After Shave Balsam Cool Kick (splash)
    • After Shave Balsam Sensitive (balm)
    • After Shave Balsam mild (balm)
    • After Shave Creme mild (cream)
    • After Shave Energy Balm
    • After Shave Fluid Cool Kick (balm)
    • After Shave Lotion Silver Protect (splash)
    • After Shave Sensitive (cream)
    • Double Action Q10 (balm)
    • Extreme Comfort After Shave Balm

  • PILS Pflegebalsam (balm)
  • Pitralon Classic
  • Sebamed Aftershave Balsam
  • Sir Irisch Moos (Splash and Balm)
  • Speick Balm
  • Tabac
    • After Shave Lotion (the well-know splash)
    • After Shave Natural Spray
    • After Shave Balm (22% alc.)
    • Soft After Shave (8% alc. balm)
    • Mild After Shave (splash, 50% alc.)

  • Tüff
    • Rasierwasser sensitiv (Sensitive, unscented Green)
    • Rasierwasser Nach der rasur (Regular and scented, red)


  • Alt Innsbruck
  • Haslinger Sandelholz (balm)
  • Balea Aftershave Balm
  • Knize
    • After shave balm
    • Forest Aftershave Lotion (splash)
    • KNIZE Ten - Aftershave Lotion (splash)


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