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Early History: Five years after founding the GEM Cutlery Company in 1898, shaving pioneer Jerry Reichard leaves GEM to found the Yankee Company, a rival producer of razor and blades. Two years later, in 1905, Reichard changes the name of the Yankee Company to Ever-Ready. By the next year, GEM and Ever-Ready merge to become the American Safety Razor Company, the name the company still uses over 100 years later. Both companies will later combine in 1919 with Star Safety Razor Company, the company Reichard had left to found GEM in 1898.

Brooklyn: While ASRCO was officially incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virgina, razor and blade production was in Brooklyn, New York. The pride which Ever-Ready took in its Brooklyn home was evident on the razors and blades they made in the early years, many of which had Brooklyn prominently etched or printed somewhere on them.

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  • Single-Edge (SE) Razors

  • Single Edge (SE) Razor Blades

  • Brushes: Beginning in 1915 Ever-Ready began the production and sales of shaving brushes. The trademark was registered with a "first use" date of 1920.[1] While GEM remained the brand leader in the single-edge safety razor market until the 1970's, Ever-ready was perhaps best known for their shaving brushes, which adorned the counters of drug stores throughout the United States for much of the 20th century until ca. 1960-1970[2]. The trademark remained valid as of 2012.[3]

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Ever-Ready Razors
Single-Edge Razor with Mahoganite CaseSingle-Edge Razor with Mahoganite Case
Travel Razor with celluloid caseTravel Razor with celluloid case
Travel Razor with celluloid caseTravel Razor with celluloid case

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Ever-Ready Razors
1930's Razor Blade - Front1930's Razor Blade - Front
1930's Razor Blade - Back1930's Razor Blade - Back

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