Gillette Bulldog

Gillette Bulldog Safety Razor

Gillette BulldogGillette Bulldog
Dates in Production:1914 to 1924
Type:DE, 3 Piece, Open Comb, Old Type

  • Triple Silver plated, some came in Gold plate, Silver or Nickle plate in the Military sets (1917-18), spiral knurled handle.
Notes of Interest:
  • The 1st Bulldog was made for the Chief of the company to meet his desire for a Beefy Stocky bulldog handle. In oval case of grey antique leather, 2 steel blade boxes, 12 blades. Offered in Sears Roebuck catalog 1920 in purple line case, cardboard blade boxes.
  • "L" serial numbers (see pictures) were returned to the manufacturer because of some defect, fixed, and re-sold. Thus the L serial numbers are additional serial numbers, not found on every model or marque.
  • Thread with info on cleaning silver plated razors (including a Bulldog)
  • Gillette Bulldog B&B Reviews

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