This page is part of Joel's Interactive Guide to Straight Razor Shaving. This list is intended to list all the active Honemeisters by country and region. The list was compiled from the following thread:

What's a honemeister?

A honemeister is by definition someone who is a professional to sharpen a straight razor.


Nothing in this post or this page can be taken as any sort of endorsement by B&B (or by me or any of the Mods) of the services mentioned. This is simply a collection point for information, not an assessment of the services offered. While I will try to keep the information here relatively current, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, and it is your obligation to contact the Honemeister in question to finalize any honing service.

The List



  • Simon Chambers (a.k.a. Buckler)
    • Send a PM to Buckler
    • Razor Honing/repairs





Arizona - AZ

  • Nobody
    • e-mail: jbcoggin (at) yahoo.com
    • $15-basic honing job, new bevel to finished edge. More extensive work by arrangement. Rights reserved to refuse a given job.Payment: Paypal preferred on approval of finished edge. Patron liable for shipping charges.

California - CA

Illinois - IL

Florida - FL

  • Brian (a.k.a. paco664)
    • Email: barton664 (at) hotmail.com
    • Razor honing

Massachusetts - MA

Rhode Island - RI

  • Doc226 (Alfredo Gil)
    • www.doc226.com
    • doc226 (at) gmail.com

Texas - TX

Virginia - VA

  • Stefan (a.k.a. mainaman)
    • Send a PM to mainaman or email: mainaman (at) gmail.com
    • Razor honing/repairs

United Kingdom


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