How to Clean a Shaving Brush


This page is intended to provide instructions on how to clean your shaving brush that you just bought (second hand) or when you start having a white rim of soap around the base (maintenance). This page was created from this thread on Badger & Blade:

Cleaning a Shaving Brush

When should you clean your brush?

A shaving brush goes through a cleaning process each time the user uses it to create lather. However, some soap can remain behind even if you rinse your brush properly after each usage and shake any water out. Sometimes, the brush is not performing the same way either. It can go as far as the brush shredding hairs.

Required items to clean the brush

To clean your shaving brush, you will need to following items:
  • One shaving brush
  • One empty drinking glass
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar (see note in step #3)

The Steps

First StepFirst Step
Start by rinsing the shaving brush under tap water for a minute or so. Once the brush is really wet, add a drop of dish soap on your hand to lather and clean the shaving brush completely.
Second StepSecond Step
Leave the shaving brush soaking in clean water for a few minutes or so. Occasionally, mix during the soaking process.
Third StepThird Step
Rinse the shaving brush again under tap water to get rid of all the soap. Change the water in the glass for clean water and add some vinegar (approximately 1 part of vinegar for 1 part of water). Again, let the shaving brush soak for a few minutes. Occasionally, mix during the soaking process.

Note: Some feel that a 1:1 vinegar mix is too strong, and prefer something like 1:8 or 1:16. The stronger the mix, the shorter the soak should be. Other skip the vinegar entirely, or substitute a little borax dissolved in water. If you use vinegar, rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. You can also begin the process with this step, and then use dishsoap and water as above to remove any vinegar residue.
Fourth StepAll that remains now is a third and final rinse under the tap before you dry your shaving brush and let it take the airs. This procedure must be done again if a white circle or soap forms, or if you simply want to clean the brush again.

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