This page lists significant patents in the history of shaving. When adding new patent groups, please place them in temporal order by the earliest filing date.

If you are new to collecting razors, be sure to avoid the common pitfall of confusing patent dates with manufacturing dates. See also: US_Gillette_Dating_Information

Gillette Old Type

US7751341901-12-031904-11-15Gillette, King C.The father of all DE razor patents, originally filed in 1899-08 and approved - but not issued - 1901-06-28.
US7751351901-12-031904-11-15Gillette, King C.Split from original 1899 patent application.
GB1902287631902-12-021903-10-15Gillette, King C.GB190228763, originally filed as 28763.02.
FR3278151902-12-301903-07-03Gillette, King C.FR327815A, application FRD327815, priority FRT327815. PDF.
DE162438C1902-12-311905-11-13Gillette, King C."DRP No 162438" appears on later cases. Original document available here. Application DED162438.
US8124421903-09-261906-02-13Nickerson, William E.Covers hardening process with alternating blades and copper blanks in a stack.
US11291121906-02-161915-02-23Nickerson, William E.Covers blade hardening process.

Williams Shave Stick

Including the Holder Top and other shave stick holders.
US10064201910-12-271911-10-17Williams, Philip K.Original Holder Top design.
US10189491910-12-271912-02-27Williams, Philip K.Divided from US1006420. Not listed on later packages?
US11751821914-11-091916-03-14Schreidt, FrankBest candidate for "3-14-16" cited by
US11944271914-10-281916-08-15Riesenberg, FelixDouble-cap holder, not assigned to Williams.
US12574361916-03-171918-02-26Williams, Philip K.Improved design with retaining ring and shaped soap stick.
US13315491919-03-201920-02-24Williams, Philip K.Double-cap holder.

Colgate Shave Stick

Including the Handy Grip and other shave stick holders.
US11664361915-04-101916-01-04Colgate, Henry A.Threaded holder top with split ring receiver.
US12387441917-04-241917-09-04Colgate, Henry A.Threaded holder top.
US16546931924-10-061928-01-03Matthews, Ralph G.Similar to a turnback brush, the tube attaches to the cap to form a long handle.

Gillette New Improved

US13280241917-02-031920-01-13Wharton, Edward R.

Probak & Goodwill

See below for patents which also appeared on NEW razors.
US16337391922-11-211927-06-28Gaisman, H.J.This patent was central to a lawsuit Gillette v Essex, and was ultimately held invalid by the Supreme Court of the USA.[1]
US16393351924-06-241927-08-16Gaisman, H.J.Covered the VALET cutout in Auto Strop blades, as a positioning mechanism.

"The NEW" Gillette

Was it a Gillette? Or a Gaisman?
US16584351923-10-061928-02-07Gaisman, H.J."REISSUE PAT. NO. 17567" (US0RE017567), originally for Auto Strop as part of development of the Probak razor and blade brand. This covered the studs used by the Probak and Goodwill razors, and the rails used by the NEW. Reissue application 19 Nov 1929, reissued 14 Jan 1930.
US18157451929-04-251931-07-21Thompson, Ralph"PAT. NO. 1815745", for the reinforced corners of the NEW cap. Refiled 3 Dec 1930.
US18583161930-07-301932-05-17Thompson, Ralph"PAT. NO. 1858316", for blade modifications to accommodate the reinforced corners of the NEW cap.

Gillette Aristocrat – 1930s

The first Gillette TTO
US19561751933-08-021934-04-24Muros, Joseph
USRE189551932-06-221933-09-19Muros, Joseph
US19124611932-01-191933-06-06Muros, Joseph
US19182271932-07-301933-07-11Muros, Joseph
US19197941932-06-071933-07-25Grosvenor, D. Marcy
US19220721930-11-281933-08-15Baudis, Adolph
US19283641932-05-071933-09-26Testi, Nicholas

Gillette Numbered Sets - Made in England

See also Numbered_British_Gillette_Information
GB4006211932-04-261933-10-26GB400621 for sets 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 19, 20, 46, 47.
GB4300301933-12-121935-06-12GB430030 for sets 15, 16, 21, 48, 53.
GB6940931948-12-101953-07-15GB694093 for sets 58, 66.

Early Coated Blades

US29379761959-06-221960-05-24Granaham, Leon E.; Schnitzler, Meyer J.; Tuckerman, Edward M.Organosiloxane gel coating for blades, used on Super Blue from filing date and Thin blades as late as 1968.

Gillette Super Stainless "The Spoiler"

US25444101947-06-061951-03-06Young, Louis H.Appears on blade packs until ca. 1968.
US26649991948-07-081954-01-05Young, Louis H.Appears on blade packs until ca. 1971.
US26715551949-12-151954-03-09Shnitzler, Meyer J.Appears on blade packs until ca. 1971.
US26926721948-10-151954-10-26Benedict, Michael Douglas Jr et. al.Appears on blade packs until ca. 1971.
US30718561959-12-311963-01-08Fischbein, Irwin W.For the PTFE coating process. Also appears on Blue, Super Blue, and Platinum Plus blades, and some Wilkinson blades. Equivalent to GB906005A applied for 1960-12-22 granted 1962-09-19.
US35181101964-07-231970-06-30Fischbein, Irwin W.Appeared on later Spoiler blades, improving on the coating process.

Schick DE Blades and Packaging

US30932661959-10-141963-06-11Kuhnl, Leopold KarlEarly version of classic Schick DE blade dispenser, with thumb plunger. Appeared on Schick Stainless Steel "Stainless Krona Edges", 10 blades.
US31260911962-03-221964-03-24Kuhnl, Leopold KarlDesign of classic Schick DE blade dispenser. Appeared on Schick Plus Platinum (I-11): blue top, yellow lettering, 15 blades.
US32038291962-09-251965-08-31Seyer, Frank H.Improved PTFE coating process, using a reducing atmosphere of hydrogen and nitrogen. Appeared on Schick Super Krona Comfort Edge (P-15), 5 blades.
US36324941967-11-061972-01-04Herte, Lawrence F.RF plasma sputter-coating apparatus, for applying chromium coatings. No mention of platinum. Appeared on Schick Plus Platinum (I-11): blue top, yellow lettering, 15 blades.


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