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This page intends to show how to upload a picture in the ShaveWiki properly. The picture will then be usable in the ShaveWiki when using the "[image][/image]" code or "[gallery][/gallery]" code.

Uploading images in Wiki are different than the B&B Gallery, a picture in a thread or linking a picture from an external website. The pictures that are uploaded in Wiki are specifically used for pages in Wiki. Make sure that you name your picture properly (i.e. Name means something, not DSC0001.jpg).

When should you use the Wiki images?

You would only use Wiki images if you want to use images or pictures in a Wiki article only. Do not use the Wiki images to list your gear in your user page. The Wiki images are there for any ShaveWiki article. Make sure that you are not uploading any copyrighted content and if you do, get a written permission from the owner before uploading the images.

How to upload a picture or image in Wiki

  1. Start in the Image area
  2. Select Create New > Attachment.
  3. Upload your file.
  4. Set the Title. Make sure you select the "Image" prefix, and end the Title with same extension as your file. For example if you uploaded a ".jpg" image, make sure the Title ends with ".jpg" too.
  5. Use the "Preview Page" button to see what the page will look like.
  6. When you are ready, "Create New Page" will save your work as a new wiki image page.

You should now be able to use this page in [image][/image] tags and product page gallery tags.

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